Need some extra help? Let me help you with your photography business! Open-ended coaching sessions are perfect for those who have exhausted all of my free resources and need my undivided attention, motivation, and accountability. Whether we chat or work together on actual business matters, you'll walk away more confident and knowledgeable!

Social Media: Do you want to level up your social media game?  Do you want to grow & target your dream clients on Instagram? I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! On our Zoom coaching session, we can cover how to grow your Instagram account organically and work with your dream clients + companies. How to polish up your profiles + optimize your presence on both platforms.

Photography: What are you most struggling with in order to move forward into working with your dream, ideal clients? Are you looking for help with defining what your photography business is about, setting prices for your services, branding, or figuring out how to get clients to hire you?

This is your session, and it will be tailored to you. So, come with lots of questions! 

Quick Coaching Sessions

Includes one private 1-hour open-ended coaching session via Zoom. These sessions are a good option if you want to get some help on marketing or business issues but you aren't ready for an on-going partnership at this time.

You can schedule additional sessions but this doesn't include emails between sessions. The client will only be able to have questions answered and issues addressed during the 60-minute one-on-one session via Zoom.

The Investment
$350 per session

Concentrated Coaching Sessions

Includes two 60-minute one-on-one sessions via Zoom, plus limited email communication related to business or marketing issues to address. This is the most affordable option for ongoing support. I will also provide you with professional recommendations and actionable steps to take, following the call.

A limited number of emails in between sessions are welcome and included in this fee. *A three-month commitment is required..

The Investment
$575 per month