Why should I choose Shots By Nik?

With my MBA and marketing experience, I help you create brand imagery rooted in business strategy. Yes, we're taking beautiful photos - but we're also keeping your marketing strategy at the forefront!

How soon should I book my session?

In order to properly plan & prepare for a successful shoot, I recommend booking your shoot 4-6 weeks prior to the date you’d like to schedule. 

Do you help with choosing locations & wardrobe?

Yes, during our planning session I'll suggest the best shooting locations based on your needs and budget. I can also recommend some dope wardrobe stylists to work with if you’d like!

Do I get to choose my own photos?

Part of the experience is allowing you to choose your favorite photos for editing. You will have hundreds of images to choose from.

Can I use the images on my digital platforms & marketing collateral?

Absolutely! You will receive a limited copyright release outlining the terms, but you may use the images in print and online for personal or professional marketing for your brand as long as proper credit is provided. Please inquire regarding publishing, brand sponsorships, or paid ads as they require another fee and licensing.

When will I receive my photo gallery?

You’ll receive your gallery 14 business days from the day in which you select your favorite images for editing. I will disclose your exact delivery date after I receive your photo selection confirmation email.



When do I pay the remaining balance? Can I pay all upfront?

The remainder of your session & travel fee is due 2 weeks before your shoot. No images will be delivered until the final payment is made. The way my booking system is set up in two increments: retainer (50%) + final payment (two weeks before the shoot).

Will you retouch (photoshop) how I look?

The personal packages come with standard retouching which includes general color correction, contrast, and sharpening to the overall images. I always perform gentle skin smoothing and de-blotching techniques that include minor blemish removal and gentle under-eye smoothing and brightening. I may do minor body manipulations for areas affected by posing and clothing, but that's it. No Dr. Miami retouching.

Can I have the RAW files?


Can we use the images on our social media accounts, website & marketing materials?

Yes! You will receive a contract that outlines your usage terms, upon booking that states the images may be used in print & online for personal or professional marketing for your brand, as long as proper credit is provided. Please inquire regarding publishing, paid ads, or brand sponsorships as another usage and license fee will be required.

How long do you store our images?

All images will be deleted on the day your Pixieset Gallery expires, which is 2 weeks after you receive the edits.



Can we pick which images you use on your website?

No. Any of the files I deliver to you or take could be shared online.



Can I bring a friend or hype man for support?

We love a bestfran/hype man. Yes, bring a friend, parent, or significant other! Whoever can cheer you on + whatever will make you feel more comfortable, go for it! But, they will need to wear a mask due to COVID.